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Welcome to the website of the only party dedicated to serving the Scottish Borders and its people – always putting the Scottish Borders first before national politics and national policies.

Who are The Borders Party?
We are a group of Borderers who believe that national politics has no place in the Council Chamber. We are all committed to stand as independent candidates under the banner of The Borders Party whatever our national political views may be.
We believe that every Councillor should be dedicated to serving their ward and to helping to make The Borders the best it can be – and never just doggedly following their national party policies or agendas.
We believe that The Borders is a unique and special place and that its development must be carefully managed to maintain and enhance all that is wonderful about our area. The Borders must move forwards – but never at the expense of all that makes this such a great place to live, work, and visit.

Only The Borders Party takes a long-term view of the Borders, understanding the huge contrast between growth which brings benefits, and badly managed growth which comes at great cost. We see a great future for our region, but only if the direction of Scottish Borders Council is radically changed, otherwise we face irreparable damage.
We are determined to bring the voice of the Borders people back into the Council Chamber.

Our History
Launched in Galashiels on 16 October 2006, we have grown from a combination of campaign groups, business people, community councillors and many others angered by Scottish Borders Council’s plans for the region, and its management of local services such as education and transport.
We successfully contested the local elections on 3 May 2007, winning two seats, because we are determined to bring the voice of the Borders people back into the Council Chamber.
In May 2012 we contested every ward in the Council area. Our share of the vote increased dramatically and our 2 Councillors were returned to office – a resounding endorsement of all that The Borders Party stands for.
In May 2013, after Councillor Nicholas Watson resigned to move to Cumbria with his family, a by-election was held in his ward of Leaderdale and Melrose and again, The Borders Party candidate, local vet Iain Gillespie, triumphed in the polls.

Our Pledges

  • To support local communities, promoting efficient services and excellent schools
  • To support local enterprise, developing jobs for local people
  • To develop good local communications, roads, transport links and telephony
  • To respect our unrivalled natural and cultural heritage
  • To actively resist pressures to turn the Borders into another suburb of Edinburgh
  • To relate development to local employment and local needs

To ensure that local government acts in the interests of local people, not national parties.
Tell us what you think.

We are fully committed to taking the views of Borderers into account, so please contact us and let us have your thoughts on how we can best serve your region.

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