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Join Us!

The Borders Party needs your help.

  • Help spread the word! Tell your friends, neighbours and colleagues about The Borders Party and make sure other voters know that there is a real alternative.
  • We need funds! Unlike the other parties, which too often seem to be interested in national politics, not local democracy, we have very limited resources. If you feel you can help financially, please send a cheque – made out to ‘The Borders Party’ – to the address below. Every little helps, though we suggest a minimum of £10.
  • You can help in other ways, for example by leafleting or helping to organise events.

Please let us know if you would be prepared to help in any of these ways or others. All our supporters receive regular updates on our activities and invitations to public events.

Contact Us:

Frances Pringle, Party Leader

The Borders Party, North Lodge, Torwoodlee, Galashiels. TD1 2NE

or email us here

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