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Key Issues

The Borders Party – a new way of thinking

The Borders Party is the only party dedicated solely to the well-being of the Scottish Borders and its people.

We have set out our vision on the key issues affecting the Scottish Borders.

This is not, strictly speaking, a manifesto – since each of our Councillors are free to vote with their conscience at all times but, as part of the current Council Administration this is the basis of how we work to influence Council thinking and so to mould the policy which comes to the Council Chamber.

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Borders Economy

Recognising our strengths, protecting our unrivalled natural and cultural heritage and thinking local, sustainable and long-term: that’s the way to attract the right businesses, reduce travel and create employment stability. The Borders Party’s vision is for a prosperous and beautiful Scottish Borders. The two go hand in hand. In a globalised economy, the way to …

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Local Services, Local Democracy

The Borders has a deep sense of identity and community spirit. The Borders Party would build on this to encourage news ways of delivering local services so that they became more accountable, better run and more responsive to local needs. We would seek to devolve powers to run local services back to local communities. In …

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The Borders Party is committed to working towards the best schools in the country and the best start in life for our young people. Manifesto for schools and young people. Education is a top priority for the Borders Party. Our ambition is for the Borders to have the finest local schools in the country. We …

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Housing & Development

It is a disgrace that while waiting lists for accommodation grow in the Borders, the Council is focussing on providing executive housing for commuters. The Borders Party believes that housing must be related to local needs and local employment. The Borders Party stands for high quality development that provides opportunities for new, affordable housing and …

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The Environment

The Borders Party is fully committed to introducing environmentally friendly policies so that we can preserve our region for future generations. One of the Borders Party’s founding inspirations was to help protect the unique environment of the Borders. Respecting and improving our natural and cultural heritage is central to The Borders Party’s message. Local government’s …

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Transport & Railway

A real railway; fast, freight-carrying and through to Carlisle, would be welcomed by the Borders Party, but that is simply not on offer. The proposed line cannot carry freight and takes over an hour to Waverley station. Scottish First Minister, Jack McConnell, referred to it as “the tram to Gala”. The effect of the railway …

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The Borders Party would like to see a revitalised tourism industry in the Scottish Borders. Proposals include the realignment of funding for VisitScotland and the establishment of a local tourist organisation funded by Scottish Borders Council but driven by local tourist businesses. Why is this so important? According to Scottish Borders Council, “Tourism related employment …

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A Decent Society

Too many older people in the Borders? We think not! Borderers are proud to uphold a decent, neighbourly society where self-reliance is matched by courtesy, respect for older people and assistance for those who need it. Older People We are angered by negative remarks, especially from Councillors, about the number of older people in the …

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The Edinburgh City Region

The Edinburgh City Region and a New Level of Bureaucracy In his opening statement to the Waverley Railway Bill Committee in February 2005, the Chief Executive of Scottish Borders Council’s first sentence was this: “We believe that the Waverley Project’s time has come and that it will underpin the success of the Edinburgh City Region …

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Hawick Action Plan

The Borders Party has launched a policy plan for Hawick designed to reinvigorate the town’s economy and improve local services. Hawick is a great town that typifies many of the best attributes of the Borders: a strong sense of identity, community and tradition; a wonderful townscape with splendid buildings and parks; friendly, welcoming people; a …

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