Dec 31

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‘Respectful Relationship’ Policy for Border schools announced

Borders Party Councillor Sandy Aitchison, the executive member for education, has announced the new ‘respectful relationship policy’ to the full council. This new policy is designed to help stamp out bullying in our region’s¬†schools.

Councillor Aitchison said “Our children should no longer have their lives blighted by bullies. This is a matter I take very seriously”.

He made a plea to both pupils and to parents to come forward to report bullying so that action can be taken. He said “Bullying is hurtful and can ruin lives but, I believe we now have an effective policy in all our schools to deal with it. But this can only happen if any instances of bullying are reported early on”.

The policy has been developed after 33 recommendations were made by the 12 pupils on the Scottish Borders Youth Commission on Bullying.


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